At Will we offer a cuisine driven by ingredients that are grown, harvested, and foraged wild from the land that surrounds us. In our kitchen we are cooking by way of conjoining modern and classic culinary traditions to compose and reflect the seasons .

Join us every 3rd Tuesday of each month for out ingredient focused tasting menus 

May 20th: Morel Mushroom 
June 3rd: Beer

Beer  Tasting Menu 
Tuesday, 3rd of June 2014

Beer Tasting Menu

Tuesday, 3rd of June 2014

Japanese Snapper Crudo

Saison   |  Razor Clam  |  Miners Lettuce

Full Pint Brewing Co.  White Lightning


Unagi + Bone Marrow

Wort  Consomme |  Eggplant  |  Beetroot

Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter


Soft Shell Crab

Shell Beans  |  Malted Grains & Sprouts  |  Jidori Egg

Bear Republic Brewing Co. Racer 5 IPA


Lamb Neck & Sweetbreads

Yeasted Grits  |  Ramp  |  Mustard Flower Pistou

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales Bam Biere


”Black + Tan”

Chocolate Genoise   |  Sour Cherry  |  Birch

Founders Brewing Co. Rubaeus 

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