At Will we offer a cuisine driven by ingredients that are grown, harvested, and foraged wild from the land that surrounds us. In our kitchen we are cooking by way of conjoining modern and classic culinary traditions to compose and reflect the seasons .

Join us every 3rd Tuesday of each month for out ingredient focused tasting menus 

October 21st: Pumpkin
November 18th: Matsutake Mushroom
December 16th: Oyster
January 20th: Foie Gras

Matsutake Mushrooms Tasting Menu 
Tuesday, 18th of November 2014

Winter Market Vegetables

Matsutake  |  Celeriac  |  Beetroot  |  Barley


Parsinp + Matsutake Veloute

Foie Gras Royal  |  Chamomile  |  Red Onion Confiture


Matsutake + Chicken Ravioli

Swiss Chard  |  Buddha Hand Fruit  |  Pumpkin Dashi  


Alaskan Halibut

Matsutake  |  Champagne  |  Pistachio


Macon Apple Galette

Cardamom  |  Apple Cider Caramel  |   Matsutake Ice Cream  

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